The Derby of the South

Napoli and Roma have been the best two football teams from southern Italy throughout the history of the Serie A. The Derby of the South has been a tradition in Italian football for many years, the winner of this clash would be named the best southern team at least for half a season. Supporters expect this match very anxiously and attend the ground in thousands. In fact in one such game during the 1985/86 season, Napoli registered the second best attendance of the season, the biggest attendance being against the marvellous Juventus of Platini. The players also feel this atmosphere and play the whole 90 minutes without giving anything to their opponents.

Here are three photos of that 1985/86 derby on Napoli's home ground with the clashes between Maradona(N) and Ancelotti(R), Bagni(N) and Righetti(R), Bertoni(N) and Boniek(R).